Inhabit- a renewed sense of exuberance and cultivated creativity

Inhabit began as a niche design studio in 2004, sparking off a renewed sense of exuberance and cultivated creativity in the Indian interiors industry. Propelled by founder and designer Neeta Kumar’s passion for bringing out the individuality of a space and its occupants through eclectic and intelligent design, Inhabit has rapidly evolved into a top-notch furniture manufacturer, savvy retail space, and the final destination for the discerning home owner. Yet, it remains a full-fledged design studio at heart, with a specialization in developing and executing turnkey interiors projects.

Deconstructed Collection

We delight in serving you with precision and excellence. As a result, Inhabit earned ISO certification in 2008 – a testament to our devotion to matching your requirements to high-quality products. We work with seasoned artisans from all over the country to create products of impeccable craftsmanship which are fully, and proudly, Made in India. These products are created using world-class materials that add to your home without taking away from nature. Reclaimed teakwood is our primary and preferred wood for this purpose – a versatile and environment-friendly option that gives your furniture a durable yet luxurious feel with its unique grain and the aura of a rich heritage.

Before going into production, every product at Inhabit – standalone, bespoke, or part of a larger project – is developed in an intensive design stage. This stage is the culmination of our design philosophy and guarantee. Our design philosophy is shaped by our experience of the world’s finest architectural styles. We draw inspiration from the best in diverse architectural design values, be it the glorious confluence of Islamic structure with Hindu ornamentation in the Charminar, the austere grace of the Gothic quatrefoil, or the mesmerizing vectors of Art Deco. And our guarantee is a seamless blend of the principles of ergonomics, functionality and selective use of wood, fabrics, and finishes.

Statement Chairs

At Inhabit, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to our services. From simply walking into any of our outlets to grab a particular piece that sets your imagination on fire, to ordering bespoke furniture that is your dream crafted into reality – we cover all the bases for you. Our expertise encompasses free-standing furniture, as well as the designing of entire spaces.

In essence, Inhabit is a place by and for people who love their homes. Neeta Kumar, owner and soul of Inhabit, believes that, “Homes are powerful. They give a blueprint to our lives.” A furniture and interior designer by training, legacy and passion, she has a deep understanding of the difficulties of creating a home from a house that’s both comfortable and compelling. At the helm of a team of experienced design professionals and master craftsmen, Neeta has shaped Inhabit into the one-stop place for tackling all the challenges of making a well-designed and attainable home. We ease the demands on your time, help you make the best of your space and existing art and furniture collections, and find balance between what’s fashionable and what will endure. And we do this through lovingly crafted furniture that is rooted in classic values, alive with contemporary aesthetics, and timelessly current.

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