Geometry & functionality: New Tableware Series ‘DATUM’ from Furstenberg and Foster + Partners

In its 275th anniversary year, Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG continues to point the way to the future with innovative new products that combine traditional craftsmanship with the “Made in Germany” seal of quality and contemporary design. The first major release in 2022 is the DATUM tableware series, which was developed in collaboration with the global architecture and design studio Foster + Partners.
The design of DATUM follows a pure and controlled geometry. The plates, cups, mugs and bowls in the new series are dimensionally linked, creating an interchangeable and stackable family of tableware.

DATUM is a modular tableware series that combines a clear design language with exceptional functionality and contemporary flexibility. Achieving pure geometry represents one of the most technically demanding challenges when handling porcelain.

The core concept of the London Foster + Partners design team was to explore the relationships between each piece in the tableware collection. The dimensions of the individual pieces are carefully calibrated within a grid matrix creating a direct interplay between them.

All pieces boast radii of millimetre precision and wafer-thin gradations on the underside, enabling them to be stacked in five different product groups. For example, a plate can be used as the lid of a bowl, allowing you to keep food warm or store it in a fridge for later.

The DATUM porcelain series is available in two white versions: firstly, the classic gloss glaze on the inside and outside, as well as a further version featuring a matt satin glaze on the external faces and a gloss glaze on the inside. The interplay between glossy and matt white expresses the unique tactility, purity and reflectivity of the material.

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