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Offering an escape into the enchantment of our cosmos is Eris Home’s ensemble of cushions inspired by nature’s flora and fauna abundance. With reposeful textures, pastel hues and innovative prints, this collection explores a unique tropical design mood board that stays audacious but with elegance, perfect to herald the seasonal shift.

Contemporary brand Eris Home helmed by Sanjana Lunia is born with the vision to create a kinder world, one where modern-day luxury is one in unity with nature. Biophilia has become a muse for this edit where vibrant blooms, a tropical jungle amidst chirps of Aves and roaring felines give a heart-warming welcome to an exuberant summer.

A surreal visual of beauteous cranes frolicking nonchalantly in serenity is the Dreamy Cranes cushions in lustrous satin, standing poignant in verdant green and midnight blue. The posy of pristine blossoms picturesque against a deep blue backdrop spell romance in the Florid cushions, creatively crafted from blended woven jacquard cotton to render an insouciant chic element to a room.

A tropical paradise, The Safari collection is synonymous with the exotic retreat with animal prints that carry the association with the fauna with aplomb. The Prowl cushion cover crafted from slub chenille, in tranquil teal blue and resplendent magenta pays homage to the majestic large cats. Offering a visual story of a regal feline in forage amidst rich foliage, the Hunt cotton cushion cover, rich in sea green and elegant lavender transports you to the magnetic moment. The plush velvet of The Tigress cushion cover in vinous wine and cerulean blue hues with abstract tiger print can be a cynosure for all eyes in any space.

It’s all about the mix. Standing alone or a pop here and a pop there or balanced against solid palettes or juxtaposed with each other, these cushions can layer up and levitate the chi, add character and kindle the joie de vivre to dress your ambiance in myriad hues.

“Bringing the magnificent scenes of nature alive, we composed this collection that is an ode to the flora and fauna, with ethereal aesthetics that can add a dramatic flair to your interiors. Visual vignettes doused in a world of pastorals, soothing textures and playful whimsy can weave a tale of luxury with their majestic demeanour to a space,” says Sanjana Lunia, Founder and Creative Head, Eris Home.

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