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Amayaa Hotels by Design21

Amayaa by Design21 is a hospitality project designed in Varanasi, offering an opulent stay and a classic experience in this city of temples and ghats. The hotel building houses 78 suite rooms, a meeting space, and sleek lounges with a restaurant. Along with these features, it also provides amenities like a pool, fitness center, travel desk, a 24-hour front desk, concierge service, and currency exchange.

The property is situated at te center of the Ganges valley in Banaras, offering a tranquil ambiance to relax, unwind, and explore the city. Varanasi, as it is presently known, is a city that is continually evolving, as evidenced by how architects, designers, and urban planners are trying to construct a wiser city for the future. We at Design21 strive to enhance the city’s skyline in several ways by truthfully reflecting on the heritage of Varanasi. 

The hotel’s lobby has an enticing charm due to its alternately positioned wood, exquisite marble and reflecting glass tiles, and towering textured ceilings alive with spotlights cast on the marble-layed reception floor and counter. Tourists are encouraged to feel more like prestigious home guests than traditional hotel users with the use of soothing neutral colours of brown, copper, and cream. The lounge space blends in well with the inviting aesthetic of the lobby area. The intricately carved jali motifs let in beams of natural light to brighten up the calming atmosphere and fall on the comfortable couches and chairs with wooden tables. The grid tile wall design with punctures in between carrying pots of vibrant flowers and little leaves ought to not be overlooked.

This new hotel offers a comfortable and welcoming aura that combines elegant decor with a touch of distinctiveness. Each section of the room has been carefully divided into functionally distinct units. The attention to detail in every crevice and corner gives the space its appeal. Each room has an old, hand-drawn black-and-white sketch of Banaras from the British era framed that tells a story and is contrasted by a contemporary backdrop. 

Solid wood, prized for its elegance, beauty, and peculiarity, is utilized at the entrance dressed with soft rugs. The raised deck further along the entrance flooring welcomes the eyes with a wide panoramic view that brings the city and its localness closer to you through the large curved windows. On the cozy armchairs, one could relax while sipping a beverage and soaking in the metropolis. The circular and square recessed ceiling lights draw attention giving the two parts of the room a bigger, more ordered appearance. The marble threshold provides a safe and elegant transition from one-floor level to another within the main expanse of oak flooring. This underlined area can serve as both a dividing material line and a place with casual, unstructured sitting. Restful sleep and a soothing atmosphere are all that is desired to supply with meticulously finished ordered rooms and a soulful material palette. Thus, with a meticulous finish of organized spaces and a soulful material palette, restful sleep and a relaxing feel are all that is desired to offer fellow users.

The design of the hotel is an attempt to reintroduce heritage with a mid-century vibe in a contemporary era by Design 21.

Name of the project: The Amayaa Hotel  

Design Team: Design21 – Amit Gulati, Nikita Bajaj Pathak, Gaurav Pathak                 

Location: Banaras

Area (Sq ft) :  21000 Sq. ft                 

Completion Date: In Phases

Initiation date: Feb 2015

Budget:  Confidential

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