Best Lamp Shades & Floor Lamps Designs for Living Room

Lighting creates drama and lamp shades have a large contribution in shaping the drama. From floor to table, lamp shades for the living room can be one of the prestigious pieces of decor available for lamp shades online

Illuminating may look like a cake walk but it isn’t. However, there may be endless concepts to light up the space. Keeping in mind the functionality of the lamp, it is definitely adorned to beauty as a jewel carved in a crown. 

Table Lamp Shades

Keep it on a high table or keep it aside in the bedroom , its glory always shines. Team it up with metal glasses besides or a walnut wood table, it looks alluring in every way.  Table lamp shades come in various shapes and sizes and moreover with different materials. One may choose a cloth lampshade or go with sustainable solutions of caned lampshades; its effect is cohesive. 

Difference between a Bedroom and Living Room Lampshade

The lamp shade design may differ from one space to another. A lamp shade for the bedroom may be very subtle. But, a lamp shades for living room is just the reverse as it demands attention.Be it a floor lamps or table lamp, lamp shades  in bedrooms suit best next to a TV set or a couch or at the corner killing the emptiness and adding a tryst of time while lampshades in living room can be placed anywhere.

Floor Lamps

Talking about floor lamps have their own possessions in a space. No doubt, they require more space, but, it would be a myth to say, it’s not meant for small apartments. Floor lamps continue to share their space in the decor since the Victorian era. In the contemporary themed apartment, floor lamps for living room can be placed in a corner or at the sides of a sofa set. The best quality of lamp shades is to break the monotony of the space and definitely a floor lamp design has a lot to say about it. There are numerous floor lamps online to choose from.

Contemporary Trends

Unlike any other lighting element, the traction still prospers. With lamp shades, the unique functionality highlights that even layers of light would not diminish its presence.

One can opt for simple traditional floor lamp shades that consist of an iron stand and a covered head or can go for designer lampshades with prints, textures, exclusive materials etc. If you love nature, then you can also go for eco-luxury lampshades which are a recent trend.  

Elements of precision

Lamp shades bring in mindfulness and consistency with a mix of finesse. The elemental value of this grandeur piece makes the space complete giving it a visual treat and sort of naturality. The eclectic emblance being a special property/characteristics of a lamp shade add to the aesthetics of the space.

The story of lampshades cannot be summed up in a few words but certainly can be a mark expression in your home.

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