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interior design trends 2022,interior trends,interior design

Interiors are the visual essence of a home, creating an image or personality for the place that makes it a home. Interior design trends are commonly applied in people’s homes, serving as aesthetics in the pursuit of contentment.

Millennials want to encapsulate spaces for social media, elderly folks want to set up pleasant environments, and the majority of people simply want to stay up to date with the latest interior design trends, and 2022 is a fascinating bucket of creative solutions and décor ideas. Interior design ideas for 2022 include bringing back a few classics, being comfy with timeless traditions, and infusing innovative and contemporary ones to create a harmonious balance of then and now.

Anurag Pashine of Salankar Pashine & Associates shares the interior design styles that are in vogue this year, luring you to indulge. 

Brown Hues

Brown is a versatile colour that could be used to complement almost any theme or concept. Any hue of brown is always calm, pleasant and warm, not to mention it is always earthy. As pastels are making a resurgence, caramel is the trendiest brown tone this year, accompanied by chocolate. Whereas, neutrals are taking a back seat as individuals embrace experimenting with colour. Nevertheless, natural-looking colours will be retained. 

interior design trends 2022,interior trends,interior design

Enchanting Pastels

Pastel colours are a brilliant approach to liven up the place without going overboard with vibrant colours. Pastel hues are the silent communicators in the home; they will not say much yet manage to captivate the attention. Pastels are a booming trend offering a playful aspect of colour ranging from greens and blues to pretty purples and pinks, that is here to stay awhile. They cater to a wide spectrum of people, enhancing ambience while breaking the notion of whites and beige, providing a ‘splash’ of colour into the abodes. 

Artwork In 3d

People, unlike in the past, are now looking for ways to add complexity and playfulness to their flat walls, which has resulted in the widespread use of 3D art. This sort of art is intriguing because it emerges from flat surfaces and gives flat areas a three-dimensional twist. This style of art will be in high demand and use in the following year, replacing conventional paintings and frames. Among the most extraordinary interior design ideas for 2022 is 3D art, which can be comprehended and viewed from all sides and angles, creating a one-of-a-kind accent in the home. Pallavi Pashine mentioned, that the exquisite charm is 3D wall art in the living space of the Primrose residence, a recently crafted home by Salankar Pashine & Associates. 

Flexible Spaces

Multi-functional spaces have become a prominent interior design trend as a result of the epidemic that kept us all at home. As we delve further into the depths of diverse settings, creativity emerges, instilling a sense of functions a space can perform and how adaptable a human can be to it. This need has become a significant trend recently, allowing for a multipurpose place in one’s home. Living rooms and dining rooms have long been commonplace, particularly in apartments, but now you can have study areas in bedrooms, bars in kitchens, living rooms that open onto balconies, home offices within living spaces, and just about any room in the house may be arranged for multipurpose function, adds Pallavi Pashine. 

interior design trends 2022,interior trends,interior design


Sustainability has been a concept that has been thrown around casually in the realm of design, but it is now more of a necessity than a trend. In 2022, it will be a booming interior design trend, and it will be the way ahead in a long-term ecological approach. Pallavi sharing his thoughtful approach stated that to better accomplish this, you’ll need to select an energy-efficient design that reduces the need for heating, lighting, and appliances. Choose non-toxic or low-biocide paints to reduce the environmental impact, and also use upcycled, recycled, and repurposed elements like bioglass, recycled wood, jute, and other environmental materials. Incorporate muted and light-coloured furnishings, drifting furniture, and natural features that correspond to the atmosphere and individuality. Making the most of all fenestrations and, last but not least, including plants in your homes, will aid to enhance the spirits. 

interior design trends 2022,interior trends,interior design

Enhanced Outdoor Furniture

The interior design trends of 2022 are not just for the inside, but also for the outside. Porches, balconies, verandahs, patios, and other outdoor spaces are witnessing a significant boost in their interiors as more people seek refuge from the limits of enclosed places. In 2022, outdoor décor can be elevated with various furnishings, outdoor tiling, external paint textures, and so forth. Weatherproof and environmentally friendly solutions will allow you to keep up with the latest outdoor trends. A balcony where you can relax and unwind with your favourite drink is such a beneficial way to break up the tedium of the day.

interior design trends 2022,interior trends,interior design

The interior design trends of 2022 that have been highlighted are the ones to keep an eye on. Flexible space, 3d artwork, sustainability, colours, textures and upgrading outdoor spaces are all worth mentioning to add distinctiveness to the concoction. So, if you’re planning on renovating or designing the home this year, the timing couldn’t be better because you’ll be able to take present and evolving trends into account and change the interiors into upgraded incarnations of themselves – to not forget incorporating and displaying your personalities in a tasteful approach. 

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