Bed Runner Trends: Exploring the Latest Designs and Patterns 

Your bedroom is where you relax your senses and get proper rest. Of course, you want it to be cosy, but it doesn’t have to be boring, right? Try adding bed runners to uplift your bedroom décor successfully. They are used to cover the floor or foot of the bedding.

These runners are available in an array of fabrics, such as velvet, silk and cotton. Drapestory has a huge variety of runners for bedroom with modern and classic designs to decorate your bedding spaces. 

Let’s explore the latest bed runner design trends to get better ideas! 

The Classy and Modern Combo

digital printed bed runner
digital printed bed runner

An elegant bedroom décor arrangement never goes out of style. That’s why bedroom decoration aficionados combine timeless charm with modernity. Simply put, combine a contemporary bed runner with a classy bed sheet to complete the look.

Per the trend, pair a patterned velvet runner with a classic white bed sheet and pillows. Or, put a luxury bed sheet with plain colours like purple or red. Add a bed runner having a geometric or abstract pattern.

Check out Drapestory for exciting bed runner designs that will grab your attention.

The Cozy Look

Most of us want a cosy atmosphere in our bedrooms, with less clutter and lots of space. This idea has made the cosy look popular among many. The idea is simple – use colours and patterns soothing to the eyes that make you fall asleep fast!

In this style, the use of light colours for the bed sheets, bed covers, pillows, and pillow covers is predominant.

  • White, cream, light yellow and light brown are popular shades.  
  • The runners can be very soft and furry, offering a comfy feel to the space.  
  • You can match the colour of the runners with the pillows and blankets to make the room eye-catchy.  

Hotel Bedroom Luxury Design

hotel bed runners design
hotel bed runners design

With a bit of flexibility on the budget, you can opt for the hotel room styling trend. This look comprises bed covers, bed sheets, pillows, comforters and runners made of velvet or satin. It is the perfect combination of sophistication and luxury.

Moreover, elegant bed runners will take this look up a notch.

You can go for dark colours or lighter shades, but add multiple layers to achieve the look. Drapestory has various bed runners with solid colours and interesting textured patterns.  

Experiment with different traditional and modern patterns that complement the other bedding accessories.

The Bottom Line

While selecting bed runners, check the measurements of your bed. Focus on the colour combination of the bed sheets and pillows. Also, consider the bedroom wall colour and lighting to find the most appropriate runners for bedroom.

To check out the best bed runners online, check out Drapestory’s website. From geometric patterns, and traditional designs, to classic floral prints, the store has everything to suit your interiors. Happy shopping!

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