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Inspired by a jewel-like resin, the Amberlynn collection by Hands Carpet presents an amalgamation of the old familiar with the contemporary, making an unambiguous statement in design emotion. Beautifully hand knotted in fine bamboo silk, each carpet invites a distinct duality in tones as light falls upon the woven surface. A classic border defines the carpet, confining motifs that bridge the old and the new. Intricate lines take shape, removing colour in some spaces, while
adding them in layers in others.

“To be familiar and unusual – this is the Hands Amberlynn carpet collection, says Mr Ravi Patodia, Managing Director. “The design of the collection is directed by an intense amount of detail, a close gamut of pastel tones, especially the natural honey tone of amber, and the dual-tone quality of hand knotted bamboo silk. Patterns bring together contrasts, a structure that’s organised and yet organic, individual elements unified by overall form – a creative expression that is contemporary and timeless.”

Mr Ravi Patodia, Managing Director, further adds, “Most evident though, is the design symmetry that is obfuscated by the worn-out look of time. An intent to bring to the room a warmth that parses time, with a structure that is neoclassical.”
Beauty is in the knot: the hand knotted carpet
The hand knotted carpet has existed for centuries. It is woven by hand – knot by knot, millimetre by millimetre. Artisans weave with their hands, as they slip a thread, the weft, into a loop around the vertical warp. A colour change in the pattern means a new thread, a new starting point. There
is an almost artistic harmony to this skill, that seems to bind the soul of the weaver to the rug. It takes months, and in some cases years, to finish a fine hand knotted carpet.

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