Aster Cucine Unveils the Contemprera Collection of Exquisite Kitchens

Ottimo offers homemakers not just well-designed kitchens, but also highly functional kitchens that radiate opulence and glamour. With Aster Cucine’s
Contemprera Collection, homemakers can now choose from a range of finishes that make their kitchens as luxurious as the rest of their home. The brand’s collections exhibit one-of-kind craftsmanship, high-end materials, attention-to-detail, functional design and utmost comfort.

The Contemprera Collection displays a new vision of elegance. It exhibits a sophisticated spirit and modernity of lines through the union of elements in new combinations, by defining unexpected home architectures and integrating symmetries, asymmetries, surfaces and beauty.

Contemprera is like a journey. A journey taking us on a trip across all the ages and places of our daily lives. It is a voyage through the workings of our minds, in a creative play of ideas with unlimited freedom. A voyage to accompany the ebb and flow of time, which, at any given moment, hides its true meaning, passion and mystery. Contemprera is an outing to discover the luxury of a love, which knows now compromise. It is made using grey stone and eucalyptus wood with a special gloss finish to highlight the depth of the wooden grain.

The wood used in the Contemprera Collection is all about the details. The warm grain is highlighted with a deep gloss finish in keeping with the tale Contemprera has to tell.

Contemprera casts away materials of old and moves beyond mere seasons. Contemprera feeds on the experience set out by timeless infinity. These kitchens showcase the strength of stone, the warmth of wood and the exuberance of technology.

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