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Mumbai-based Arjun Rathi Design is renowned for its unique
collections that merge art, design and function. They have launched an elegant
lighting range known as the Shikhara Collection.

The formation of the light is inspired by the ‘shikhara,’ typical to Indians and
Buddhist temple architecture. The shikhara forms are representative of the five
elements—Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Ether, and always form the top of these

The lighting series is designed to take inspiration from the shikhara form, by
representing the five elements. The form mirrors the opposite elements of fire and
water, and wind and earth, respectively, in hand-blown glass. A conical pyramid
represents the fifth element.

In temples, the brass bells and traditional chains have importance in all-day
prayers; which is a very important detail as these chains are hung from the center of all
the shikhara. Here, Arjun Rathi Design has incorporated the traditional chain detail
to hold the apex cone detail of the installation, which has a strong resemblance of the
one in Indian temples.

The lighting collection constitutes a combination of blown glass and brass
manufactured with artisans in India; where the glass gives transparency to the vertical
form. The Shikhara series has been designed in four editions to accommodate it in all
types of spaces, where each varies in its height i.e. 9 feet, 6 feet, 4 feet, 3 feet and can
be finished in choices of metal and glass finishes. This one-of-kind range brings a
personal touch and instantly adds a unique character to the room. This striking
lighting evokes emotions and exudes personality.

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