House of Rugs, well-known for their handcrafted luxury carpets and rugs present a range of exquisite, hand tufted carpets made of woolen yarn. This striking range
comprises carpets that feature awe-inspiring geometric patterns and floral forms, which enhance the interiors of any space.

Every piece in this series of carpets is a testimony to House of Rugs’ unchanging quality and timeless designs. This minimal, yet distinctive series of carpets and rugs is all you need to add that touch of warmth to your everyday surroundings. The brand’s rugs are a result of meticulous
craftsmanship and time-honored hand-weaving techniques honed over hundreds of years.

These are not mere carpets, but storied legacies passed down through generations. Each hand-made carpet is unique—no two pieces can be exactly the same, owing to the human touch, which is bound to vary. It is this exclusivity and beauty of their imperfections that make them all the
more charming. As exquisite as they are, they are also durable and long-lasting.

What’s more, they are woven with the stories of the generational skills of the artisans. A handmade rug from
House of Rugs is a family treasure to pass down the ages.

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