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A house can be made a home with the correct ambience, colour and mood, which imparts cosiness and comfort in the space rightly traced in Architect Nilanjan Bhowal’s recent project.

His vision is to create spaces that are exhilarating to experience while being functional and eco-friendly at the same time. His firm is involved in designing residential, hospitality, institutional and corporate building projects. He emphasizes on the design element and makes an effort to keep environmental sustainability as the basis of all his architectural creations. His design philosophy is Minimalistic and inspired by Nature.

Nilanajan Bhowal has donned the hat of Organitechture by creating a dictionary which reflects the core values of sustainability, comfort, art and modernity, in the contemporary designs. His projects like Green one, the first individual residence in India to have achieved a provisional 5 star SVAGRIHA rating & The Nest in Gurgaon has also received IGBC Green Homes Platinum Certificate.

The primary focus of Bhowal’s practice has been to evolve a language of architecture that is rooted with traditional learning, contextual material and sustainable construction methodology, together fused with the future ready technological comforts. All his projects exhibit the basic fundamental elements of our philosophy infused with the client’s belief and personality. The latest project is a duplex villa in Nirvana Country, a 300 acre township in Gurugram. “The overall image of the house is a product of thoughtful planning with creative ideas and details that reflect the belief of the clients infused with the imaginative thoughts of the designers. The strong trend of creating vibrant spaces with uplifting feel of sunshine hues to brighten up the spaces came into being. Also, the clients Sohini and Satindra Sen, whose design sensibilities matched ours and they gave us the creative freedom to create this earthy yet contemporary abode. ” Explains the architect.

The design ethos commands in crafting a proposition of a pleasant and luxurious living space offering the warmth and comfort of a home infused with elements of brilliance and technology in current times along with the artistic character and striking a balance without losing the heart of the ambience.

The interiors of the house follow a vivacious theme. The interiors of the living have white walls with yellow stone used on the flooring which is complimented with the rustic wooden furniture and fabric sofa sets, modern art paintings on walls, unique art pieces in jute and wood, creating a rejuvenating and warm space. Every space in the house offers a different character and serves a different purpose. The design also attempts to use old furniture pieces by refurnishing them in order to blend with the entire theme of the house. A lot of emphasis has been laid on walls, lighting, open shelving and display spaces. The interiors of the house have been designed in coherence with the idea of balancing and complimenting the artistic elements.

The USP of the house is the space with central staircase, the book shelf along with the distressed and raw finish console with metal chairs. This space with its unique combination and composition of materials and textures welcomes the inhabitants into the house.

This house exhibits a varying material palette. The material, texture and colour palette incorporated in the design undergoes variation ranging from rustic and earthy wood, jute, fabric and stone in flooring, furniture, art pieces etc., to modern and sleek metal in frames, artefacts, chairs, staircase railing etc. The colours used on fabrics and walls are given a break and twist with pop of colours on feature walls and in paintings and upholstery, rendering the house its vibrant and warm look and feel. This colour palette, however, was not a mandate. It evolved with the design process to retain a warm glow around the house keeping their existing paintings in mind.

This home is a canvas which has been sensitively designed to craft a harmonious fusion between the various materials and colours. The design exhibits the warmth and vibrancy of a creatively designed living space, balancing beauty and functionality.

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